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El Loco

“Sometimes we are living the in-between times: when we’re no longer who we used to be. But we haven’t yet arrived at our next stage either… we’re always on the road to the next stage, whether we are days old or decades old. The spirit of life is diminished by the time. In the present moment, our task is to let go of what was with love or even somehow embrace what emerges next….” -Marianne Williamson   

This week is…

Since teaching yoga this semester, I have learned that yoga is a very intimate experience, for the yogi's on their mat, the teacher, it is intimate to bystanders and people walking by. The second realization reached is my dire need for self expression and finding my voice.   There has been many times, in which I wanted to convey something occurring in my life right now. This blockage of self expression, or the ability of being able to find the right words at the right time has taken its toll on me.