There’s a fire inside you

Urging to be lit

It’s flames do not inflict

They’re not dangerous

So be not afraid 

Afraid of everything

Do not bind yourself

Do not form parameters for you

Rise up

But don’t cry for the top

Be who you are

Do all you can do

Embrace points of madness

And accept what happens

Leave that critic far from the mirror

And look clearer

Before the heart

Surrenders to mind

Just keep tryin’

Please know all you need

Is to exist feeling happy

Disregard the results 

And focus on the purpose

The part of you

That chose this

Because it’s not the winning

That defines our strides

But the triumph 

That beats inside 

Each of us 

Together we stand up

Can we find the meaning

Our purpose dearly

All my letters 

Signed sincerely

Path of Passions

Path of Passions

These Words

These Words