One Last Mix Tape for 2016

One Last Mix Tape for 2016

In my popular culture class we once discussed how music is or can be the social glue that holds society together. After pondering this for a while, I've found this to be true. As I've spent time packing and reorganizing my items these last few months, I would frequently find old CD's and mixtapes and pop them in.  

When I do this, I immediately learn three things: 

1. How bad my music tastes were

The first few songs, are always good but as you continue to skip through the tracks I start to ask myself what was I thinking? Then I forgive myself and realize, this was before I knew how to listen to music.

2. The significant or BIG event 

The second thought that comes to mind, no matter how terrible or awful the songs are is always remembering the big or trivial event issue you were going through at the the time was. It takes me back to events and emotions, I forgot about and would instantly be reminded of these moments. 

3. Affects of the Digital Music Era

 Thirdly, going through this process made me realize since I don't make CD's anymore I miss the art and the essence of capturing the moment on a compact disc. Now, I experience a disconnect between identifying those sentiments and experiences I encountered as a result. These are the moments when you begin to ask how did I get here and where was I before all this happened? 

Well, here it is, my very first post before I depart for the Peace Corps on what I was experiencing this summer and my last days in America. A little piece of my life or my thoughts experienced up until this very moment.    Please feel free to follow or listen to the playlist as you read along. I wrote a few excerpts about a few tracks to describe what stuck out to me in each. I would not say this reflects my musical choice per say but rather a few tracks that helped me to pass the time. Please take what you need and leave the rest.   

"Anywhere is" by Enya

  Since, I was not as consistent with my practice this year, this was probably as much zen as I was this year. With a busy schedule, from traveling back and forth in between states and a intense class schedule, I had to get creative with my meditation time in order to center myself. I think it would have made more of a successful semester. This track reminded me of how I planned out every single detail of my life and once I reached the so called "point," the carpet was ripped out from underneath me. Nothing went according to plan, and that's okay because thats life. It could be one way or the other.

"Too Good" by Drake and Rhianna

I shook my head a little when I saw Drake made the playlist. I haven't been fan all that too much, and when I asked a friend if she had heard it, she said, "yeah, it was pretty basic and Drake is overrated!" I never laughed so hard. She was right, but something about the Drake and Rhianna tracks always leave me wanting more, so here I am. These two seem to have an interesting spark, but for whatever reason they could never get it together. One minute it's hot, the next minute it's cold. I enjoyed dancing off the stress to this track. Anyway, to spare details I like this song because it is a feeling I am often familiar with as I grapple with relationships of the past and present. I listened to it a lot this summer.   

"Valerie" by Amy Winehouse 

 The artist sticks out more than the actual song. It was a cover song by a UK group called the Zutons. I always thought, she was talented but it was not until I saw the documentary last year in 2015. It was difficult watching someone so talented, and beautiful struggle in the spot-light. It reminded me of myself in some ways has she possesed great talent and success but at the very same time afraid of that success so she would self destruct because she could not handle it. As they often say, you must learn from the mistakes of others. 

"Live Like A Warrior" by Matisyahu

Matisyahu is one favorite. As wild as this year has been, it has been tough and definitely one I will never forget. I've stretched and pushed beyond boundaries I did not even think we were possible. Don't get me wrong, looking back there were many struggles but all served as reminder that when the going gets rough, you have to get back up and keep going. Hence, "Live Like A Warrior!" 

"Lucky" by Aurora

This Artists song reminds me of the sounds of Lorde. It seems as though, every decision I've made or the path I've taken has led up to this moment. Sounds cheesy, but I will never forget all of the people I've met, and the moments I shared with every encounter. I once read that, "each moment has an unrealized dimension of beauty that only your perspective can liberate." For me, it's all of the good and bad circumstances I've seen along the way. And looking back, I would not trade those experiences or people for anything. 

"Runaway" by Ziggy Alberts

For all of those folks who are Brene Brown fans, I recently saw this meme that said "ARMOR YOURSELF WITH VULNERABILITY." And I loved it, because this is something that has alway been a challenge. In reference to another post, Long story short, the lesson I received out of this, was I'd rather be heartbroken than to never love at all. I can relate as he sings about discovering someone or something really great, but not exploring that friendship or relationship because your now out of time so it's easier to keep your guard up and shut it down. I guess, It's all a form of perspective.

"Incomplete" by James Bay

This guy is so talented and he came out of no where! Every single track gives me chills. The reality of leaving early hit me hardest in August I think. As it was closer to the one month mark. At this point, I had said most of my see you laters to friends at school and out of State. And it hit me, that this was the last time I was going to see a lot of them, just like that it hits me, "it hurts because you feel too much, because you care too much and because you feel connected to it all, no matter how far you go." (r.m. drake)  It could be a great strength or a weakness, I haven't figured it out. It was not just friendships or connections I've had for years but, friendships that ignited in the past six months and over the course of the summer. I even had good friends tell me the last week of the semester, they did not want to get close to me. It was tough but a harsh reality. It's not the first time that it's happened either.

I'll close with a statement that summarized it so well for me, "I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is knowing, having change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity." -GR 

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