"And as you go through another year of healing, I want you to know that you cannot rush the soul. It’s okay to take your time. Be patient with yourself. Nothing good ever comes out of things done in a rush. And believe me, when the healing is complete, you will know. You will feel it in your bones. No matter how long it takes for you to get there, just know you will get there. Just be patient." -TH

     And as we continue to face our demons, and cleanse ourselves of the thoughts and old beliefs that once haunted us, clean out our closets, the spring cleaning, and prepare for new way or the next adventure to begin again and start anew.

Reflecting on the original causes of “the inner conflict within you was cutting off the estrangement of a fully valid part of your core inner self. The exiled part of you, -with it’s justified anger- is now the primary driver of the self-negative, self-punishing voice that is deeply in conflict with you. The cut off, estranged part of your core did not go into exile willingly- it was pushed out- and in reality, it desperately wants to come back home.”    

The five stages of healing are as follows… 

Level 1: Insight
When a person realizes that they have a deep inner conflict in their lives, or wound. At this point of realization one may begin to wonder how they got the wound and how it has affected them through all of your decisions in your life up until this point.  

Gaining insight, serves as the first powerful step.                  

Level 2: Changes    
    At this level with the new insight and realization, you can start brainstorming new ways to move away from the negative thoughts and self-defeating behavior that once self-destructed us, now we are in the state of change.   

     Artie Wu, writes, “this is a tremendously empowering phase for the student. They feel, like they are finally “learning the rules to a powerful game, where they can finally do more to defend themselves from abuse, absolve themselves from a falsely-assigned guilt and shame, and live their lives more happily and with more confidence.”          
    This can be a very important and empowering phase for students, even if you stop here if you have revealed some key discoveries     
Level 3: Healing
         The actual process of healing occurs when you are able to move deeper and work through old defense mechanisms that no longer serve you.        
As you fight to reunite with that part of your soul that was pushed out from you, you must gain deeper insight. The fight begins by ignoring or suppressing what comes up. When your fight or flight responses kick in. It is important to hear what the little voice is saying or try to grasp it’s message.     

    This stage takes immense courage if your willing to open up and hear it’s message, without running away, or suppressing it  but finding the truth and bringing it to your side. 

Do the Work  
When I studied the philosophies of Baron Baptiste as a yoga student. One saying, fairly popular in these philosophies was, “Do the work.” Or Very similar of a yoga practitioner, “Do your practice and all is coming.”  

The question then becomes what steps do we need to do the work?  

Level 4: Integration  
    Doing the work means, bringing your mental theories, energy, and physical body together in harmony…. The work is to keep peeling away layers of the onion to get to the heart of you.    
This level is the integration of your whole healed self back into the world. Artie Wu, writes, “your very language will change, the way you speak to yourself… - you will love differently. You will parent differently. Even your posture will change. External conflicts, will also diminish, as aggressors steer clear to look for weaker targets.”  
    Once this point is reached, you find you have a lot of catching up to do. 

Level 5: Bliss
    If you are fortunate enough to reach this level, “your whole healed self, will not just sit there it will move powerfully, move to it’s naturaully-occuring, innate purpose.”  

Which level of healing are you exploring currently?


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